How Amplify promotes healthy futures for youth


Our entire community should be included in this conversation. We work to get facts, data, and resources into the community.
Regular Public Perception Polling

Since 2013 our organization has partnered with Strategies360 to conduct scientific public perception polling over teen pregnancy, sex education, and youth health issues within Tulsa County. Results inform our organization and partners on the climate and knowledge of these issues within our community, potential needs, and tracks progress over the years.

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Advocacy Campaigns

We utilize public perception polling, partner feedback, and our youth leadership council to inform our communications strategy and develop advocacy campaigns to spread awareness within our community.

In the past these have encompassed the efficacy of sex education with #SexEdWorks, a campaign highlighting dreams for youth in Tulsa, and messaging for Let’s Talk Month.


Amplify brings together organizations working in youth sexual health for a coordinated effort to more effectively achieve our shared goal of reducing the teen birth rate and promoting healthy futures for youth.
Collective Impact

Amplify is a youth health collective serving as the convening organization for youth sexual health work in Tulsa. We are building a true collective impact framework for our organization to better serve the community.

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Tulsa Sex Educator Network

Amplify hosts the Tulsa Sex Educator network and brings together local sex educators from all organizations to engage in professional development, community building, and collaborate.

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Tulsa Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition

Tulsa Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition (TTPPC) has a diverse membership consisting of folks from health organizations, nonprofits, faith communities, education, and more.

These folks all share a passion for youth health work and agree reducing the teen birth rate is important for our community. TTPPC meets regularly and has focuses on action through three work groups: policy + advocacy, health, and community + education

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Youth want factual information when making decisions about their future. We work with partner organizations to expand access to sex education in Oklahoma.
Curriculum and Best Practice Trainings for Educators

Amplify regularly hosts curriculum and best practice trainings to certify highly trained sex educators ready to implement to youth. In 2019 Amplify

  • issued 209 individual certifications at Amplify trainings
  • hosted 13 curriculum trainings
  • hosted 5 proprietary Teen Pregnancy Prevention Essentials trainings

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Ongoing Technical Assistance and Support for Education Implementation

Amplify serves as a technical support for organizations providing direct service education in schools. This support includes curriculum sponsorship, quality control, professional development, public relations, and data management.

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Sex Education Expansion

Amplify works to remove the barriers communities experience with sex education implementation. We are developing a true capacity building expansion model for communities to have internal sex education implementation. We are also leading initiatives to provide equitable sex education for Spanish speaking students and students with special needs.